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york city are still unusable because of flooding or lack of electricity. workers have set up alternative sites. the voting process in manhattan and the city's other boroughs has become more high-tech. people will be using a new electronic system. they mark paper ballots then insert those into a scanner. it's the first time the system people will use the system in a u.s. presidential election. the results will start streaming in tuesday evening in united states. obama and romney will watch the returns come in from their respective home bases, chicago and boston. obama arrived in his hometown early in the morning with the first lady. the latest polls suggest the president and his republican rival remain locked in a dead heat. obama spent the final campaign day visiting three swing states including ohio. he criticized romney's economic policies, saying they would expand the wealth gap. romney also visited ohio along with three other battleground states. he said obama's work to fix the economy has ended in failure. >>> romney and obama spent a lot of their time during this campai
life even more difficult for thousands of people. sandy killed more than 40 people in new york city alone. it triggered flooding and power outages. 30,000 households in the city are still without electricity. >>> clear weather in this part of the world. meteorologist robert speta has more. robert? >>> we are seeing some sunny skies across japan here. we have this high pressure ridging in from the west bringingutely great conditions on your friday, going into saturday. but this is following the wake of this storm system over hokkaido actually bringing some very gusty winds. in yamagata prefecture, 97 kilometer-per-hour winds today on top of that, heavy rains in hokkaido. but good news once again, that will move off to the east so get out on there on your friday and saturday because this high pressure will s going to be bringing much better weather. but unfortunately going into sunday there's this storm system already bringing some heavy rains across china. actually, generally speaking, about 50 millimeters is going to be seen across the entire area and about 100 millimeters in some l
degrees in chicago, 7 in denver, minus 5 in winnipeg, 8 in new york city, and 16 in toronto. that will be coming down as the system passes. but as i say, we should be seeing things getting back to normal as we head toward the end of the week. all right. europe is seeing some pretty blustery conditions across the north. we've got a couple of low-pressure systems. this one for the atlantic is going to be spreading in some heavy rain to parts of scotland as well as northern ireland and up across the western coast of norway, you could see some snow in the upper elevations, as well. heavy rain has been focusing on austria and northern italy. now, that is startling to settle down and that is good news. venice is under water, as i'm sure you saw the video we had and pictures. very severe picture there. but the rain is easing up, so that's certainly good news. however, things will remain fairly unsettled. heavy rain across northern algeria could freed lede to flashflooding and we could see hail as well. temperatures across europe. 13 degrees in london, we're seeing 10 in paris, arou
quite a drop in some areas like chicago, 4 degrees, on the toe, down to 9 degrees in new york city 1shgs 1 into d.c. all right. into europe, things are going to be clearing up across much of the continent, but there is going to be consistently heavy rain across the british isles, scotland, particularly, northern ireland, ireland, and up into norway. that will head on into wednesday, as well. 50 mill meet imeters of rain ish to cause some flooding in the british isles and that's certainly what you're going to be getting. here are your temperature, and i will leave you now with your extended forecast. ♪ >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
in new york city, 5 in toronto. with 8 in chicago, and just 10 in d.c. but even these temperatures are going to be rebounding into the weekend. and it will stay dry, as well. so a nice, quiet week warming up as we head into saturday and sunday. all right. into europe, we've been watching this low pressure system over algeria bringing some heavy rain, thunderstorms here. well, it's on the move today, and it's been heading into the mid mediterranean. it's just going to be hanging out for a couple of days. southern italy as well as the southern balkans you're going to be dealing, instead, with those stormy conditions. we're talking about hail, thunder and lightning. and heavy rain. another system coming in along the med, it's going to be hitting portugal by thursday evening. and then stalling out here, as well, for the next couple of days. so wet weather to continue to the south. then we have high pressure keeping things dry to the center of the continent. up to the north, though, we've got another system. now this one, in fact, a new one coming in from the atlantic across iceland str
some snow even coming into you in new york city. take a look at these temperatures and you'll find out why. we've got 8 in new york on monday, but tuesday your high's going to be 4 degrees as it is in toronto today, just at the freezing point in chicago on your monday, as well, minus 12 in winnipeg for the high, the lows around minus 29. so bundle up up is probably a bit of an understatement. in the south, temperatures still in the mid to upper 20s. all right. we head into europe. another day of rain for the british isles. you could see as much as 50 to 70 millimeters additional rainfall into your tuesday, certainly enough to add to that flooding problem in lower lying areas. now, into wednesday, high pressure is going to move the out. you'll see a much clearer day. but central locations are just going to be getting started. the alpine region in particular and parts of eastern france. further out towards the east, not too much in the way of wet weather here. in fact, it's going to be fairly dry and quiet. but temperatures are starting to fall away. minus 1 in moscow for the high. we ha
to the situation, particularly in the city of new york, where the storm knocked out dozens of polling stations. new york mayor michael bloomberg says about 140,000 residents will have to find another polling station. more than 60 stations have suffered power outages and flooding. city officials are working to set up alternative sites. authorities in new jersey, another hard-hit area, are planning to use public buildings to allow voters to cast their ballots. hurricane sandy has killed 91 people across nine states. more than 1.8 million households remain without power. experts say providing shelter to the displaced is an urgent issue as they expect cold northwesterly winds to push temperatures down. >>> americans who are able to vote tuesday will judge the presidential candidates on a range of issues. one of them is their stance on china. some americans consider the world's second largest economy a threat. obama and romney have tried to reflect that sentiment, but as nhk world's susumu kojima tells us, campaign sound bites don't necessarily tell the full story. >> reporter: the employees in wisconsi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7